Volunteers – Interested in joining us?

Have you always wanted to volunteer?

Do you have a few hours that you can share with someone?

FAF Aims and Objectives for Volunteers:
FAF offers a service to enhance the quality of life of older people who live alone and have limited or no social contact, by offering companionship and support, usually by visiting them regularly at home with the offer of conversation, cake or a small meal. This does not include providing personal care or cleaning. A desire to make a difference to the lives of older and/or disabled people is vital, along
with a kind, caring and friendly manner and the ability to listen, and
to have empathy with clients.
We believe that visiting and helping our clients can be hugely rewarding, and want our volunteers to gain experience, and be proud of what they achieve whilst with us. To this end, we offer ongoing support, and hope volunteers will always feel free to contact one of our team to discuss any matter
which will help them during their time with us.
At Feed A Friend, we want to make it work for both the volunteer and the diner.  We appreciate that many people may work or have busy lives but still want to contribute to their local community.  We will be able to match you to someone where the times and locations suit you.  The Coordinator will endeavour to match diners to volunteers by taking account of factors such as interests, location and availability.
Main Tasks
  • To visit client(s) on a regular basis at a time that is mutually convenient and where appropriate to take a snack or meal as agreed in advance.
  • To spend quality time during visits listening to and talking to diners, one-to-one guided by the diner on the length of the visit.
  • To report back to the co-ordinator about diners on a regular basis following each visit.
  • To alert the co-ordinator to any concerns clients may have, or any concerns you may have about clients.
  • To take an interest that the diner is safe
Tasks you are NOT expected to undertake:
  • Any personal care, e.g. feeding, dressing, assisting with the toilet, etc.
  • Shopping or housework (buying small items on behalf of the client may be allowed in accordance with money handling procedures).
  • Administering or advising on the use of any medications.
  • Any heavy lifting.
  • Any task you feel uncomfortable with.
No previous experience is required, but a willingness to learn, and to participate in training, is important to enable you to best help our diners, and to help you get the most satisfaction from volunteering with this service. Although not essential, you may find it can be an advantage if you have experience of dealing with, or caring for, older or disabled people either informally (e.g. contact
with or care of older family members), or formally in employment.
Essential Qualities
A desire to make a difference to the lives of older and/or disabled people is vital.  A kind, caring and friendly manner.  An ability to listen, and to have empathy with clients.
What can I expect?

Initially, one of the team will contact you to discuss what you are looking for from your time with FAF and logistically what you are interested in doing.

We then need to run the normal checks to protect you and the diner and we will formally accept you onto our program

You will then be matched to a local diner and there will be a follow up session with the FAF team to talk through what is known about your diner’s needs and wishes.

The next step is introductions.  First introductions can be escorted with an experienced member of the team.  This initial meeting will be used to confirm the diner’s preferences and arrangements and may include a friend or family if they choose.  Follow up catch ups will be down to volunteer and diner to organise but the FAF team ask that you confirm dates and times and keep completed records of visits and any food hygiene records required.

Volunteering can be difficult at times, we have an experienced team that can help provide support if you need it, whether this be talking through your experience as a volunteer or discussing a difficult situation that you may come across.