Half Marathon Fundraising

Well, the day of the half marathon dawned bright and sunny!  We were incredibly lucky with the weather, if anything it was too hot (spoken by a true Scot…)  I completed the run in 2:14:41 (I must be a real runner now; I remember my time to the nearest second!) The grand total raised was £550 – so a massive thank you to everyone who donated – we can’t emphasise enough how much we appreciate your generosity. The money raised will be used to fund DBS checks for all our volunteers.

We are now entering into a really exciting new phase of FaF…  Over the past few days, we have been advertising locally (mainly on social media) for potential volunteers and diners.  The response has been overwhelming!  We are currently getting in touch with everyone (please bear with us!) and attempting to answer everyone’s questions.  We’ll be sending out emails to everyone who has provided an email address so please keep checking for news (might be best to check ‘junk’ folders too, as the emails will be coming from a new address).  We will also send an invitation to our Facebook group to anyone who has expressed an interest in FaF.

Until next time,

Cath and Jos x