Volunteers – FAQ

Who can volunteer? At present, we are looking for volunteers who are over 18 years of age.  Going forward, we will possibly recruit under 18s – please do keep checking back or send us an email and we will keep you updated if we change this policy.  All volunteers must also be willing to undergo a DBS check (FAF will cover the cost of this) and other relevant food and hygiene related training.  This training is available online.  We don’t ask that our volunteers can drive – ideally we aim to match our volunteers with diners who live within walking distance.

How often would I have to visit someone? Ideally, we are looking to set up fortnightly visits.  However, if you think you could only commit to once a month, please do get in touch with us – we may have a diner who would like a less-frequent visitor. Our aim is to introduce diners to volunteers.  After that, you can discuss what day/time suits you both best – it could be the same time each fortnight, or it could vary.

How long would I have to spend with my diner?  Again, this really depends on the individual.  We would suggest an initial visit of half an hour, but you may find you have lots to talk about and subsequent visits may be longer.  Equally, you might find that your diner is happy to have you pop in and out – there’s no ‘right’ length for a visit!

What training would I get? We have made available online levels 1 and 2 of a Food Safety course which is very useful.  We have also provided links to St John’s Ambulance training.