Summer Feeling…..

Well summer seems to have suddenly arrived!  But here at Feed a Friend we are aware that not everyone can get out and about in the good weather, that’s why we’re making hay whilst the sun shines, as they say,  and busily matching up diners and volunteers.  So please do get your forms back to us and we can get you matched up pronto.  It’s perhaps not the weather for a cosy cuppa, but maybe now is the time to dabble in some iced tea recipes, or some summery strawberry tarts.  Don’t worry if you’re more culinary catastrophe than star baker – we have registered kitchens where you can collect your baked goods and keep an eye on our Facebook page for some upcoming simple seasonal recipes.   Our diners might be mostly stuck indoors,  but maybe by volunteering with Feed a Friend you can bring a ray of sunshine into somebody’s life this month!