“Having volunteered for Feed a Friend over the past few months, I have found the experience to be both rewarding and eye-opening. I decided to give up my spare time for this cause, as it is an initiative that is close to my heart. My own Nan lives in the Midlands, with her beloved Golden Retriever. My Grandfather passed away five years ago, and since then I know that she has felt exceptionally lonely. If it weren’t for my Mum going to see her on a daily basis, I’m not sure how long she would go without human contact. Other older people aren’t so lucky to have a child who lives within a close enough proximity to visit them every day.

The diner that I have been going to see, is a lovely, bubbly lady. She does have carers who go in to help her on a daily basis, however I genuinely feel that the cups of tea and the laughs that we share brighten her day. I think the best part about going to see her is the realisation that we have a shared sense of humour; she talks to me about her family and we listen to the radio together, as this is her favourite thing to do.

Volunteering for Feed a Friend is a simple and satisfying experience. Even if it is a case of spending just half an hour with my diner, I’m sure that she gets something out of it – as do I! I would absolutely recommend that the people of Reading back this fantastic cause; get involved and give something back to the elderly community! Our community.”  VP (local volunteer, central Reading)